Securing R&D Tax Credits for America’s Innovators

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Reinvest in Your Business with the Research Tax Credit

The research tax credit was created to encourage businesses to invest in the development of new or improved products, processes, and software in order to promote economic growth in the U.S. Every year, R&D tax credits yield billions of dollars in federal and state benefits to companies engaged in qualifying research. Thousands of companies from diverse industries benefit from this tax incentive.

Qualifying businesses have been able to grow and maintain a competitive edge because they took the time to find out if they are eligible for R&D tax credits. Unfortunately many businesses fail to take advantage of the credit opportunity because they think they don't qualify.

For Businesses

Intrepid Advisors - R&D Tax Credit for Innovative Companies

If you are investing time, money and resources to develop a new or improved product, business process or software, you may be eligible for a dollar for dollar credit to reinvest in your business. Learn more »

For CPAs

Intrepid Advisors - Research Tax Credit CPA Partnership
Partner with our experienced and highly educated and qualified engineers, scientists and accountants with broad industry experience to deliver maximum benefits to your clients. Learn more »

Research tax credits can amount to as much as 20% of the costs incurred in developing or improving products, fabrication processes and software, yet fewer than 5% of America’s manufacturers and technology companies with revenue less than $100M claim the R&D credit.

Helping Your Business
Recover from a Pandemic

Did you know that your business may be eligible for R&D Tax Credits?  Whether your business is temporarily closed or have been busy keeping up with demand, R&D Tax Credits could play a meaningful role in reinvesting in the future.