Client Testimonials

Westminster Tool, CT

“If you are in the manufacturing business and not taking advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit, you are leaving countless dollars on the table that can be reinvested into your business and human capital.

After realizing our lack of clearly understanding and applying this tax credit to the fullest scope, we contacted two individuals, who specialized in this area, to guide us in the research and development study. On both occasions our expectations were not met.

It was not until our paths crossed and I was introduced to Steve Powers and the Intrepid Advisors team that utilizing this tax credit became a focused and applicable process for our organization. The process Intrepid Advisors implements is seamless and effective in producing a thorough R&D study that reduced our tax liability tremendously. By having a team of engineers as well as a finance department, Intrepid Advisors understands the hard work you put into your business and enables your organization to realize and actively apply this beneficial credit.

The money we were able to save goes directly back into facilities improvements, employee benefits and equipment to improve capacity. By working with Intrepid Advisors, the return on your investment is 10-fold and we will gladly stand behind them in forthcoming years and recommend them to anyone in the industry looking to capitalize on the R&D tax credit.”

Colby Coombs
Triangle Manufacturing

“We have been working with Intrepid Advisors for over 5 years and they have produced significant savings for us. Their engineering staff is extremely knowledgeable and is very experienced in the understanding and documentation of research and development projects. Their fine work has never been challenged by any taxing authority and continues to provide value to our firm.”

Nick Aselta, Director of Finance
Garden State Precast Inc

“The team at Intrepid guided our company through a multi-year R&D Tax Credit project that recovered significant R&D Tax Credit refunds for our company.”

Kirby O'Malley, President
Control Products, Inc.

“We have always filed for an R&D Tax credit but until Intrepid Advisors got involved, we were not fully capitalizing on the value of the credit. We have nine years of returns filed with Intrepid’s guidance and the recovery of R&D investments has been substantial. They are professional and work hard to minimize the workload on my firm. I recommend their services highly.”

Cliff Moodie, President