CPE Presentations

Intrepid Advisors is proud to be your source for high-quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses in person at your firm or at your event.

Our CPE courses offer CPAs with the most cost-effective and convenient way to fulfill their mandatory educational requirements. We offer two options, either a one hour - 1 (one) CPE credit or two hours - 2 (two) CPE credits.

The following are our current course offerings. We continue to add new topics throughout the year.

The R&D Tax Credit - A Strategic Tax Advantage

The Federal Credit for Increasing Research Activities (“The R&D Tax Credit”) offers significant tax savings and increased cash flow for manufacturing and technology-based companies engaged in the development of new or improved products, fabrication processes, new technologies or software.

During this presentation, we will discuss::

  • What is the Research Tax Credit and how this valuable credit can help manufacturing and technology businesses reduce their federal and state tax burdens
  • Which business activities qualify for the credit
  • How the credit is calculated
  • What expenditures are allowed in the computation
  • What documentation is required to support the credit calculation

You will also learn how the credit is applied to corporate returns as well as to “flow through” entities such as S-corporations and LLCs.

The R&D tax credit provides more than $10 billion of tax savings to U.S. businesses annually, although it is vastly underutilized particularly by small and medium-size companies. Find out if your business or your client’s business would qualify for the Research Tax Credit.

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