R&D Tax Credit for Cosmetics & Skincare

The Cosmetic and Skincare industry is highly competitive and as such companies in this marketplace are constantly engaged in efforts to improve their competitive position. In particular, cosmetics manufacturers continually engage in the development of advanced chemical compounds as well as robust product package systems that are both attractive and suitable for high-speed auto-filling processes. The chemists and the engineers in this industry are continuously involved in research and development to devise products and production processes that satisfy their company’s demanding requirements. Examples of Cosmetic and Skincare activities that present R&D tax credit opportunities include:

  • Develop new or improved chemical product formulations
  • Develop and test new or improved packaging and packaging equipment
  • Generate prototypes and samples of new products for testing and validation
  • Develop new or improved distribution methods

Businesses in the Cosmetic and Skincare industry are likely candidates to receive cash benefits from an R&D tax credit study. Intrepid Advisors' experts can deliver maximum benefits for each tax year.

Company Profile

Annual Revenue:
$25 - $50 Million

200 - 250

R&D Tax Credits

Federal R&D Tax Credit:

State R&D Tax Credit:

R&D Tax Credit for Cosmetics & Skincare

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