R&D Tax Credit for Distribution & Logistics

Companies involved in Distribution & Logistics continually seek advanced technologies to improve timeliness of deliveries, reduce operating costs, track packages and provide customers reliable tracking and delivery information. Companies in this industry are often engaged in developing advanced web-based software systems to improve their competitive position. Examples of Distribution & Logistics development activities that present R&D tax credit opportunities include:

  • Creating a real-time software system for tracking the locations of logistic units
  • Developing an innovative software system for recognizing and translating offshore import and export documents
  • Developing an advanced software system for managing inventory at multiple storage locations

Businesses in the Distribution & Logistics industry are likely candidates to receive cash benefits from an R&D tax credit study. Intrepid Advisors' experts can deliver maximum benefits for each tax year.

Company Profile

Annual Revenue:
$5 - $10 Million


R&D Tax Credits

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R&D Tax Credit for Distribution & Logistics

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