R&D Tax Credit for Electronics

Companies in the Electronics Industry perform a variety of activities that qualify them for R&D tax credits in particular because their analytical and experimental development activities rely on the principles of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, information technology, and other fields. Companies in this industry continually engage in research and development aimed at devising systems, products, sub-systems and components having special or advanced performance characteristics to satisfy demanding application requirements. Examples of Electronics Industry development activities that present R&D tax credit opportunities include:

  • Designing and developing a new or improved high performance electrical power and distribution systems
  • Designing and developing new or improved interior and exterior lighting and safety systems for aircraft
  • Developing process assembly and testing systems for electronic cables and wire harnesses
  • Designing and developing special-purpose electronic circuit board
  • Designing and developing high-endurance and reliable electronic testing systems for military and homeland security applications

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R&D Tax Credit for Electronics

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