R&D Tax Credit for Food Manufacturing

Companies in the Food Manufacturing Industry strive to improve their market position through focused research and development, and the creation of new or improved food products. Companies in this industry engage in significant research and development efforts aimed at expanding the company's range of products, improving quality, taste and healthfulness, and reducing production costs. Examples of food manufacturing activities that present R&D tax credit opportunities include:

  • Ingredient formulation efforts aimed at creating a new food product for a specific market segment
  • Reformulation of an existing food product so as to eliminate a specific allergen hazard such as peanut oil while retaining the flavor and consistency of the original product
  • Development of a cost-effective process system for volumetric production of a new food product
  • Development of an efficient and effective sterilization system for cleaning a cheese processing system

Businesses in the Food Manufacturing industry are likely candidates to receive cash benefits from an R&D tax credit study. Intrepid Advisors' experts can deliver maximum benefits for each tax year.

Company Profile

Annual Revenue:
$75 - $100 Million


R&D Tax Credits

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R&D Tax Credit for Food Manufacturing

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