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Companies involved in the Robotics Industry invest considerable amounts of time performing research and development while devising systems and equipment for the rapidly expanding and competitive robotic equipment market. Companies in this industry continually develop systems and components to satisfy special application requirements as well as endeavor to develop standardized off-the-shelf equipment and products having advanced performance characteristics. Examples of robotic equipment development activities that present R&D tax credit opportunities include:
  • Designing and developing a three-axis robot arm that can be utilized in a high-temperature environment
  • Designing and developing a high-speed robotic pick-and-place system for removing plastic components from an injection-molding process
  • Developing and evaluating a microprocessor-based control system for operating multiple robotic welding systems working in conjunction with one another
  • Designing and developing a robotic finger mechanism that would be suitable for grasping and removing delicate glass components from a processing system
Businesses in the Robotics Industry are likely candidates to receive cash benefits from an R&D tax credit study. Intrepid Advisors' experts can deliver maximum benefits for each tax year.

Company Profile

  • Industry : Robotics
  • Annual Revenue: $100-$125 Million
  • Employees: 100-150

R&D Tax Credits

  • Federal R&D Tax Credit: $539,586
  • State R&D Tax Credit: $175,637

How Can Intrepid Advisors Help?

Intrepid Advisors has an experienced and practical approach for guiding our clients in the Robotics industry through the R&D tax credit process. Our team of specialized professionals go above and beyond to provide the peace of mind that comes with having a highly detailed study outlining all qualified research activities. We ensure each client is carefully analyzed as a candidate to receive the R&D tax credit. Intrepid Advisors’ engineering and financial teams are equipped with the educational background and knowledge to work with a multitude of industries.