Partner with Intrepid Advisors

Why Partner with Intrepid Advisors?

Intrepid Advisors has expert knowledge of the regulations regarding the federal and state research tax credits as well as an experienced team of engineers and accountants who ceaselessly strive to deliver our clients the very highest quality of work. Over the 30 years of preparing R&D credit calculations and supporting documentation for our clients, we’ve established a singular time-proven methodology that has been found to deliver maximum benefit to our clients and acceptance from the IRS and various state tax authorities.

In addition, our “fixed fee” rates are very competitive and based on the resources necessary for each specific project and NOT on a percentage of the actualized research tax credits. As such, our clients typically realize a cash benefit many times our fee.

How Can CPA Firms Benefit?

Intrepid Advisors has remained the trusted research tax credit resource for CPA firms throughout the U.S. Our performance, success rate and quality of service has resulted in unsurpassed client satisfaction and loyalty. CPA firms that utilize Intrepid Advisors realize the following benefits:

  • Trust that their clients receive expert guidance.
  • Expeditious and attentive service.
  • Maximal benefit-to-cost ratio.
  • A process that saves valuable time and resources.
  • No-cost R&D credit assessment.
  • IRS and state audit support at no additional cost.
  • SR&ED tax credit studies for Canadian companies.
  • Improved client retention.
Partner with Intrepid Advisors

Your Partner in R&D Tax Credits

Intrepid Advisors is a team of technological specialists comprised of highly educated and qualified engineers, scientists, and accountants with broad industrial experience. For the past 25 years, we’ve been offering consulting services relating to federal and state Research & Development Tax Credits.