R&D Tax Credit Services

Our mission is to help our clients attain maximum R&D tax credit benefits while providing substantive supporting documentation for a reasonable fee.

Intrepid Advisors specializes in assisting our clients with the federal R&D tax credit and the innovation tax credit initiatives offered by many states. We also provide no-cost assessments to establish whether or not our client’s research and development efforts meet the qualifying research activities criteria.

  • Our team is comprised of highly-educated and knowledgeable engineers and accountants with broad industrial experience.
  • Our time-proven methodology has been shown to deliver maximum benefit to our clients while minimizing disruption of our client’s day-to-day business operations.
  • Our “fixed fee” rates are very competitive and NOT based on a percentage of our client’s R&D tax credits.
R&D Tax Credit Services

We partner with our clients to deliver comprehensive research tax credit services.

  • Identify all the relevant R&D activities while working closely with our clients.
  • Prepare detailed technical project reports to substantiate our client’s R&D activities.
  • Identify all qualifying R&D expenses attributable to our client’s development efforts.
  • Prepare calculations of the federal and state tax credits.
  • Deliver a final R&D Tax Credit Study report containing technical project reports, tax credit calculations and other pertinent information.
  • Provide education to our clients regarding the R&D tax credit regulations and requirements.
  • Keep our clients up-to-date on changes to the IRS and state regulations including case law decisions affecting R&D tax credit regulations.

Audit Support

In addition to providing the above-described financial and technical services, we also provide support in the event the client’s tax credit claim or supporting documentation is subjected to examination by either the IRS or state tax authorities. If our assistance is required beyond the prearranged number of ‘no-cost’ support hours described in our engagement letter, any additional work on our part is billed at our standard hourly rates, which are described in a separate engagement letter that outlines the scope of additional services.

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