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Has your business changed due to COVID-19?

Corona Cash Flow Cure - R&D Tax Credits

As businesses try to navigate through these unpredictable times, you may find an unlikely ally in the US Internal Revenue Service.

  • Has your company developed a new product (in general or in response to COVID-19?
  • Have you modified your fabrication process or invested in automation systems?
  • Has your company switched gears to aid in the fight against COVID-19??
  • Are you developing an e-commerce website to reduce personal interaction and support social distancing?

Research tax credits provide a source of cash to support these activities

Tax incentives created decades ago to promote job creation and technological innovation are becoming the latest weapon used to recapture some ground recently lost to this pandemic. The R&D tax credit is designed to return a portion of these types of investments back into your business and can amount to 14% of qualified expenses.

Intrepid Advisors is a team of R&D tax credit specialists that uses a study approach accepted by the IRS for calculating , substantiating and documenting research credits.

After 30 years, we are clearly not a new player in the R&D tax credit industry nor are we a large service firm that offers a multitude of services.  And, we have a great deal of experience defending our client’s credits when examined by the IRS.

We have an outstanding success rate which stems from our:

  • Financial specialists with a focus on uncovering all qualifying development expenses
  • Highly experienced engineers with real world product development and manufacturing experience

We not only help your company get the maximum credit it deserves, we also save you valuable time and resources using our proven process.

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The money we were able to save goes directly back into facilities improvements, employee benefits, and the ability to invest in equipment to improve capacity. By working with Intrepid Advisors, the return on your investment is 10-fold and we will gladly stand behind them in forthcoming years and recommend them to anyone in the industry looking to capitalize on this Research and Development tax credit.

Colby Coombs

How Does Our Process Differ from the Competition?

Our clients have come to realize that our R&D study process saves valuable time and resources.

Our clients rave about our fast and attentive service. Our R&D study team contacts our clients immediately upon engaging our services with tools and instructions to ensure an effortless start to the process.

We always meet our client’s tax filing deadlines. Our Financial Services Team is experienced and well-equipped to gather the necessary financial information and turn around the R&D credit calculations and work papers on time.  

We aim to keep things simple. From start to finish, our clients work with the same 2-3 person team of experts who are devoted to preparing the R&D credit calculations and supporting documentation.

We recognize that our client’s time is especially valuable and as such we strive to keep the number of meetings and phone calls to a minimum.

We’ve developed simple to use MS Word and Excel tools to assist our clients gather and organize the qualifying research expenses and activity information.

We don’t keep our clients waiting. The team at Intrepid Advisors is acutely aware that our clients need answers to their questions and concerns as quickly as possible.

We don’t take chances when transmitting our client’s financial and intellectual property information over the internet. As such, we use an advanced file encryption system to convey our client’s information via email as well as a sophisticated software platform for uploading documents directly to our file server.