Idaho R&D Tax Credit Summary

R&D Tax Credit Available:


Eligible Entities:

C-Corporation, S-Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships

Deadline for Tax Filing:

Due with Idaho Tax Return

Data Required to Compute Credit:

  • Claim Period Idaho Qualified R&D Expenses (QREs)
  • Gross Receipts for Prior 4 Years

Credit Carryforward:

14 Years

R&D Credit Summary:

The R&D tax credit equals 5% of the amount that the taxpayer's current year QREs exceed a base amount.

Special Notes:

  • The ID credit does not include the calculation of the alternative simplified credit (ASC method)
  • A corporation who is a member of a unitary group must claim the Idaho research credit to the extent allowable against its state income tax before it can share the credit with other members.
  • Idaho Fixed Base Percent (FBP) for start-up companies includes only qualified research expenses conducted in the state and aggregate gross receipts will include only Idaho gross receipts
Research Tax Credit
Important Links and Forms

Form 67
ID State Tax Commission

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