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CPE Course: The R&D Tax Credit – A Strategic Tax Advantage

The Federal Credit for Increasing Research Activities (“The R&D Tax Credit”) offers the possibility of significant tax savings and increased cash flow for manufacturing and technology-based companies engaged in the development of new or improved products, fabrication processes, and software. This course provides an overview of the R&D tax credit and how this valuable tax credit can help businesses reduce their federal and state tax burdens.

In this course, you’ll discover which activities qualify for the credit, how the credit is calculated and what expenditures are allowed in the computation as well as what documentation is required to support the credit calculation. You will also learn how the credit is applied to corporate returns as well as to “flow through” entities such as S-corporations and LLCs.

The R&D tax credit provides more than $10-Billion of tax savings to U.S. businesses annually, although it is vastly underutilized particularly by small and medium-size companies. Find out if your client might qualify for the credit and how to evaluate the potential tax savings and cash benefit.

Learning Objectives
• Identify taxpayers that can take advantage of the R&D credit
• Understand what qualifies for the R&D credit
• Maximize the R&D credit calculation

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