Why Choose Us?

Intrepid Advisors
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R&D Tax Credit Studies Performed for over 25 Years
Proven Results – Exceptional Success Rate
Expert Knowledge of the IRS Regulations
Extensive IRS and State Audit Experience
Low Fixed Fees
Fees NOT a Percentage of the Tax Credit
Technical Supporting Documentation Prepared by Qualified Engineers
CPA Workpapers – Tax Credit Calculations Included
No-cost Tax Credit Estimates
No-cost Development Activity Analysis
No-cost Audit Support Included
Expense Tracking Analysis and Support Included
All Travel Expenses Included
No Long-term Contracts Required

Intrepid Advisors Advantages

R&D Specialists

For the past 25 years, Intrepid Advisors has provided extensive and focused advisory services regarding “The R&D Tax Credit”, and during this period we’ve successfully delivered maximum benefit to our clients.

Technical Qualifications

Intrepid Advisors uses highly qualified engineers, scientists and accountants with broad industrial experience to serve our clients. The academic qualifications of our staff includes numerous PhDs and Masters Degrees in engineering and physical sciences.

Experience Across Many Industrial Sectors

Our clients range from very large publicly-traded global enterprises to small family-owned manufacturing firms involved in machine design and fabrication, electronics, computer hardware, software development, tool and die manufacturing, plastic injection molding, medical device development, bio-technology, agriculture, food and beverage processing, etc.

Success Rate

Intrepid Advisors has conducted thousands of research tax credit studies while producing thousands of technical project reports. During our many years of service, we have maintained an exceptional success rate, never having a claim denied by the IRS or state tax authority.

Off-Loading of Internal Resources

Using Intrepid Advisors to conduct a research tax credit study saves valuable time and resources within a client’s engineering, financial and administrative departments.

Affordable and Flexible Fee Structure

Our fees are very affordable in comparison to our competitors. Our pricing structure is predicated on a fixed fee contract.

No Long-Term Contracts Required

We do not require clients to sign long-term contracts. Our performance, success rate and quality of service result in high client loyalty.

Audit Support

Intrepid Advisors will provide support in the event of an IRS or state audit.